Solo Tek Bloom

SKU: GT10104364

SOLO-TEK by Grotek is a complete, soil/soilless, revolutionary organic-based nutrient system. It is a scientifically-designed one-part nutrient system, where nutrients and supplements from different organic/inorganic sources are combined to provide an ideal nutrient environment and optimum plant production.

SOLO-TEK is comprised of a minumum of 50% organically-derived plant nutrients, with all plant growth stimulants 100% organic, derived from natural plant resources. SOLO-TEK also contains a variety of amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, and carbohydrates, all derived from natural plant sources. SOLO-TEK is the only product of its kind that possesses such a very high nutrient concentration, along with organic chelating agents.

This one-part solution will provide everything the plant needs during the floral development stage. And all growers from professional to novice will find it very easy to use.


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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 5.2 × 2.4 × 7.2 in
670829818348 (UPC-A)
Weight 9.8 lbs
Dimensions 7.9 × 4.8 × 10.4 in
670829818355 (UPC-A)
Weight 24.9 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 6.9 × 14.2 in
670829818355 (UPC-A)


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